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What is view in material mode

Material mode

Your question is a little vague without a context, but I'll take a stab at it.

With CATIA V5, you can see and work with very realistic images of your part & product by applying various material textures. In order to see these materials, you must change the view options to include the material. This can be done with the View Mode toolbar by clicking the SHADING WITH MATERIAL icon or by using the CUSTOMIZE icon to turn on material mode. (see attachment)

There are several tools in V5 (such as Draft Analysis) that require "material mode" in order to see the results.

(if this is not what you are asking about, please describe what you're doing and provide some more info)


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thnks buddy catia
we are going on the right track but i am using catiaV5R10 and the icon in view mode toolbar is not available here.:( I have following modes only
2)Hidden Line Removal
4)Shading with edges
5)Shading with edges and hidden edges
6)Applies customised view parameters- how can i customise this?:confused:
Customize View

R10 :eek: that's pretty old! You really should upgrade to R15 or R16 and take advantage of lots of new features.

It's been awhile since I used R10, but I think if you select the customize view icon you should get a panel that will allow you to select an option for Material. Don't forget to apply a material in order to see the effects.

Here's a Tip: if you need help with a particular icon, select the icon and hit F1. It will take you directly to the on-line Help page that explains the icon tool.

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