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What's the best way to make a .dwf file into a .pdf without losing quality????


Elrond de Creep

By the way, I'm talking for a set of (12) color drawings 24"x36", with say 200-500 layers and numerous font types, we had one set of color hard copy originals, without the luxury of having the original sissy

-Here's my work around, that my partner Karl and I found to work in a pinch.
I first figured, just use Adobe Acrobat Printer and plot the .dxf file to create a .pdf....but all the text came out like aoyughae3ouag this...garbled. (Possibly due to the original settings used to create the .dxf)
ok, 2nd, I'll just scan the large hard copy color original on my TCS400 Oce' color scanner right into a .pdf format with FLATE Compression....but the files were way too big and 75% of the set got clipped, at first I thought it was just settings...nah, ran 2 times and some of the sheets were fine....
Time to regroup, we still had to burn these .pdf if ever we could get them created onto 5 CD's to go to people on there way to London who were not tech savy as was the case...hmmmm...think think....we could burn the .dxf files and email them instructions on how to download the free viewer....ummm not even that savy...:confused:
Let's print them 8 1/2 x 11 sets to walk away with on the realy good HP Laser color printer, at least 1200 dpi.....hey Karl say's can we scan these little drawing on our 8'1/2 x 11 bulk scanner which ...hey...does color and makes .pdfs...Yahooo!.......butthe quality...will it give us the quality??? did folks...but with a slight gray tone in the back ground...was this good enough for the powers to be...yup and we burned the CD's and delevered in the same day....
Soooo tenacity counts, and there's always more than one way to do it, if you can reduce the size of the color orginal before you create the .pdf, the file size will be no problem. Just make sure you use the highest dpi when creating your reduction, this will give you a clearer pdf.....So..any dxf to pdf software out there?
dwf to pdf

PDF995 is a free download that sets up as an optional system printer.
After installing just open the drawing and print normally selecting PDF995 as your printer.

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