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WIP2 VisualARQ (aka Athens)


BIM Rhinoceros architectural plugin

The WIP 2 of VisualARQ (for Rhino 4 SR0 / SR1), is now available for download from

Below you can find the list of fixed bugs, changes and new features (this information can also be found in the download page, under "What's new in latest WIP"):

WIP2 (06/25/2007)

Fixed bugs:
* #1636: Selection highlight color didn't work in rendered views.
* #1637, #1659: Some osnaps weren't working, specially in 3D views.
* #1638: Perimeter in areas was always 0.
* #1646: Crash when trying to Scale 1D any VisualARQ object.
* #1653: Trying to join two walls became an invalid object.
* #1654: Objects meshes sometimes were invalid after doing an UNDO.
* #1655: When asking for the start point of a wall, typing "0" just picked the cursor point, and
not the point (0,0,0).
* #1656: Highlight color in selection menu didn't work.
* #1667: If a non-meter template was used, windows had 0 elevation.
* UNDO/REDO have been improved a lot.

* #1657: All VisualARQ objects were considered curves. Now they're breps.
* #1661: Default color for railings now is red instead of yellow (default selected color).
* VisualARQ object type names aren't all uppercase, and use single/plural forms.

New features:
* Added roof object.
* Added roof commands:
- VisualARQ_RoofCreate
- VisualARQ_RoofAdd
- VisualARQ_RoofSubtract
- VisualARQ_RoofChangeSlopeAngle

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