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Workplanes?? How exactly do they work.


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I have recently began to use inventor v10 alot and i am really starting to get a good grip on most of the functions. For some reason i can not understand workplanes at all. Everytime i create one its usually a guess and normally i dont get the intended results. So basically i guess what im asking is, is it really that hard to create a workplane exactly how i need it and if not can someone please clue me in on how to control it. Thank you.
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Can you post an image of what you are trying to get?

Workplanes are actually pretty easy. You select the workplane tool, then select either a face that you wish to create a workplane parallel to, two lines you wish to use to define a plane, or three points you wish to use. You can then either input an offset value or drag the workplane out to the desired offset. Workplanes can be created reletive to any geometry, sketch, or origin feature.
I am at work right now but what it is is a motorcycle rim i have the hub ib the middle created and the ouside part and i am trying to create spoke using sweep from a point on the hub to the center of the outside part. I dont exactly know what to click on to get the angle i need. Do i need to create holes and use the axis to get workplane
To create a workplane at a specified angle, select an edge, then select a surface, you will then be prompted for an angle value. This will create a work plane at an angle. Once you have your angled workplane, you can create a workplane offset from the angled one by selecting workplane, then selecting the angled workplane and inputing the offset distance.

You will need to create more than one workplane to get the one that you need.
Thanks for the help man. I was able to put this thing together. Here it is.


  • rim.JPG
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Now any suggestions on how to put some tread on the tire? I was thinking using the hole command then a circular pattern but not sure if that would work.

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