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Wrong results in simulation with contact between two parts


New member
I am having problems with contact between two parts (plank block) and (stop pin). The plank block is fastened to a vertical slider. The vertical slider is fastened to a horizontal slider. When the horizontal slider moves the plank block subassembly far enough for wheel contact, the angle bracket causes the plank to move up vertically. The plank then moves back (due to rotation of the radial arm, think of a camera iris) and the pin stops the plank block from moving down since the pin is now under the undercut of the plank block. What I don't understand is when I take a measurement between the top face of the pin and the undercut face where the pin would make contact, I get a distance of 0.01...Why? I have contact between these two parts added to the simulation. I'm using the Motion Analysis in SolidWorks Premium 2012. I've attached two images showing the component names and the contact. Could my problem be a sensitivity issue in the simulation parameters?