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    Default Is my center points for 37.5 angle arcs are correct?

    In desired diagram, we can see three arcs with angle 37.5 each but center point for three arcs are not given properly in this sketch. I took center points like this I construct the arc and trim the arc according to desired diagram. So did I done correctly?

    My Diagram: base 80 how.JPG

    Desired Diagram:desired.jpg

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    What you have done so far is good.

    Don't forget to add the 163 height dimension. I don't think the 138 dimension is needed, but you can add it also

    But you're still not done yet. The arcs should be tangent to each other.

    The sketch will be correct when the lines and arcs become green in color, indicating everything is fully defined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCATIA View Post
    The arcs should be tangent to each other.
    Tell me how to do this tangent thing?


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