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Altering the scale of textures?


New member
I have a box that I have put a texture on (150x150px BMP with a few dots in to act as stars). The only problem is, the image is not being tiled and is instead being stretched across the whole face. How do I make 3ds Max 'tile' it instead of 'stretch' it? Thanks in advance.
Apply a box shaped UVW map to the box. In the UVW map properties on the right hand bar, enter in even values for U, V and W values (say, 100,100,100). Make the stars material visible in the viewport (the blue checkered box thing in the material editor, for the bitmap in question). Then go into the sub-object mode of the UVW modifier and use the scale tool to adjust it to how you like. You should be able to see it update in the viewport.

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