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Angle constraint for defining oriented angle


New member

How is it possible to make a constraint of an oriented angle in CATIA ?

It seems to me that when I use a angular constraint, whatever if I select the part 1 ou 2 in first (I want a angular constraint between 2 parts : part 1 and part 2), I obtain the same angle/

For 1 angular constraint (between part 2 and part 1 (taken as my reference), I didn't have the desired angle but the opposite ("-". Consequently, how can I do so that the angular constraint correspond to the oriented angle that I want ?

There are some other choices (angular sector1, 2, 3 ou 4) but i didn't manage to create the opposite of my angle.

I make the opposite of my angle for the moment by adding a "-" in a formula. But, I would prefer to make cleaner solution by defining exactly the oriented angle I want for the beginning.

Thanks a lot for your ideas.


Super Moderator
I have the same problem with angle constraints and dimensions, and I don't have a solution. Often choosing a different angular sector will provide the constraint/dimension I want. But sometimes I have to start over, selecting the planes (or lines) in the reverse order. Or selecting the planes (lines) on the opposite side of the intersection.

Please let us know if you figure this out.
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