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axis selecting problem


Super Moderator
I'm not sure, but what happens if you add a point before you try to move the axis?

(I'm guessing the missing dot indicates there are no points to select)
there are 8 points to put axis system on. even on round part vith no points red dot should be there. i'm guessing this is some kind of bug....
nope. dot should be there even in round part with no points. it looks like bug to me or some thing you can adjust in settings maybe....


Super Moderator
There's an active and helpful group of NC programmers over in the COE Discussion Forum. The even have their own forum (MFG) just for CATIA NC discussions.

here's the link: COE : Forums : MFG

I'm sure if you post your question there, someone will be able to tell you about the dot, or verify if it's a bug.