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Beginner problem with views


New member
Hello to everybody. I'm a mechanical engineering student and i'm starting to work with CATIA v5.
Meanwhile doing the tutorials you've suggested in the forum (tnx a lot for them ;)), I started to notice an "error" in my view.
Well, i've drawn a cylinder, and after that i wanted to draw another sketch (tutorial Creating Groove On A Solid Part In CATIA - Tutorial For Beginners).
In this moment i saw that in the perpendicular view, the circular faces of the cylinder don't look like lines, but like rounded :confused:. This is not like should be in
an orthogonal view.
This made me mad because in the tutorial images the view is correct!
Sorry for my english and if i have not explained well the problem.

I share the image here. I've drawn the red lines for explain how i think the image should be.
Thanks a lot,




Super Moderator
First thing I see is that you're working with the "P3" interface. Most CATIA users use the "P2" interface, which is what the tutorial is probably based on.

To change this, go the the Tools + Options panel, select GENERAL on the left menu, and then choose P2 in the top option. Click OK, and you should be ready to go.

If your cylinder is still curved on the ends (this is due to viewing in a perspective mode), go to View + Render Style and click the bottom option, Parallel.

CATIA will remember these options and use them from now on.
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New member
Okay, thanks for making me note about the P3 interface.. now finally i've the interface i used to use in the classes I attended.
And with the change in the rendering style, everything now is fixed as i wanted.

Thanks a lot :D