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Beginners trouble modeling a grenade


Hi guys,

For the sake of learning, I decided to try and model a hand grenade. What I have so far is very doable:
but getting the ribbed profile in now turns out to be a challange for me.

I've tried creating a guideline on the outside of the grenade, as you can see on the image. I then created a plane in from the top plane, made it 1.43mm higher so that it would have the same height as the lowest point of that guidecurve. My idea then was to create an elipse and use that outside curve as a guide path for a swept cut.
Didn't work out, as I expected, since the plane was not linked to the plane on which the outside guidecurve was drawn.

I think by getting an answer to this question I might learn several things. Not only how to get this done, but also, hopefully, something about plane-creation, if that's even necessary at all.

Thank you.