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Cam mate has an "entity" which has a radius less than that of the follower

I was designing an engine for a module at Uni and i have come across a problem involving the Cam mate under the Mechanical mates tab. When i select the camshaft and then the valve as a follower is get the following message;
"One or more of the cam entities have a radius less than that of the follower. This might result in errors while dragging the components." I just click ok and it works fine. But if i try and do a second mate the same way on the same cam shaft just with a different valve, the assembly becomes over defined and the camshaft doesn't spin any more. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this or what causing the problem. I have looked around but can't find much/anything about this problem or how to fix it. I have tried changing the radius of the valve so that it becomes bigger and also smaller but i still get the same message!!