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CATIA 3D mouse function buttons


Hello everyone.

I recently moved to a new company and after ~6 years of Inventor now I'm using CATIA for CAD.
My question is, is there anybody who uses radial menus with the 3dconnexion SpaceNavigator/SpaceMouse?

When I first started using a 3D mouse in Inventor I was very happy with the Radial Menu option for each key. I could bind 8 functions/commands to each button and each environment I used (Sketch, Part, Assembly, Drawing, Part in assy, Sheet metal, Sheetmetal in assy). So this meant I had at least 112 commands bound to just 2 keys.

Now moving over to CATIA I realized that there are no environments to change, the 8 commands are constant throughout the software. It was a huge dissapointment.
I just can't think of 8 useful commands that I would be using in each workbench...

Is anyone in the same shoes?

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