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CATIA doesn't allow me to delete these comonents


I mirrored these two legs of the tower earlier but after a series of other actions I decided to delete them but received this warning:

What I should to do to take the components out of private state?


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Could you please highlight the components in the tree that you want to delete. (or list their names)



After I sent this post I myself tried to find the problem that prevented deleting. I went to the tree and deleted symmetry from there. The components (I-beams on the right) were deleted successfully.

Probably, I tried before to delete one of the components that was under Multi output 4 (symmetry) order and thus received the warning. I deleted Multi output itself in the tree and the components were deleted completely.

Thank you for your attention :)

The object was a watching tower ( toy) that I designed for participating in a competition relative to a Canadian toy factory. After a week, the responsible of the company congratulated me and announced me I'm one of the few finalists. It is not obvious who will be the winner.

The wondering thing is that I designed all the components in one stage and didn't use assembly workbench.

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