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Catia,How to type text?



I'm design a product. On the product has a text. I want to type the text on the produc and after use PAD command for text. How should we do? Thanks.
Unlike several other CAD systems, CATIA does not have a direct method for making solid features from keyed-in text. Spider007 provided the following link to a COE Forum FAQ that lists 3 methods to accomplish engraved or embossed text in a 3D part:

When asked to add this capability to CATIA, Dassault's response has been to use the Type3 program that has been written as a CAA program.
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Text in CATIA


I'm about 4 years late to this party, but if you want text in CATIA V5 just go to Text in CATIA and download the plug-in.

It was developed using Visual Basic and C# components that access CATIA's API. It creates the text as polylines and splines inside a sketch. Check it out.


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