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Centering a hole in catia



How can one center a hole in catia V5 on a surface... I know one method by defining the center of the hole as (L/2 and B/2) giving this simple formula as constraint to the centre of the hole....i can get the hole centred irrespective of the size of the square or there any other method..?????????

If it´s an important surface (I don´t know if it´s the case), you should put the origin of absolut axis centered, and then coincidence with the center hole. :rolleyes:
I'm sure there are many methods to find the center of a rectangular surface, Vijay. It depends on what information you know.

Your method of using formulas is good, as is Yika's suggestion to build the surface around the centerpoint axis.

Another method is to use the Measure Inertia tool to find the center of gravity of the surface (centroid) and use the Create Geometry option to make a point. (if the surface is not flat, Project the center of gravity point onto the surface)

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