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In this exercise, I´m asked to do what appears to be a chamfer, as viewed in this image

Now I have tried to use the chamfer option setting the distance to 0.025mm and an angle of 100° but the program says that they are building error due to geometry conditions.

I´m unaware if the chamfer feature is the optimal solution here, or is there another way of doing it.


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The dimensions in the drawing are calling out a Countersink on the holes. That's what the 'V' symbol means. But, you are correct - it is like a chamfer on the edge of a hole.

However, a chamfer and a countersink are dimensioned totally differently. A countersink is dimensioned by the diameter at the largest part, and the total angle between both sides.

I believe you should be able to add the countersink as part of the Hole Wizard tool in Solidworks.

Or you could continue to use a chamfer, but the dimensions will be .025 X 40°.

(by the way, all the dimensions are in inch units, unless this part is very small)

I hope I helped
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