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Conversions in multiCAD environment to JT format


New member
Dear Members,

I need some advise developing an online conversion service for CAD users. We are about to buy a licence to be able to convert files from CATIA V5, NX and STEP, all only to JT. We wonder if it is sufficient? Is JT enough as the only output format?

We also wonder if this whole idea to convert CAD files online is feasible. How many CAD files do you convert monthly? Please tell me approximately!

I really do not want to advertise here, but I desperately need the feedback, so I do not put link only the name: convertcadfiles.com


Super Moderator
No plans to include conversions to CATIAV5 and V6?

Where I'm currently working, we convert approx. 20 files per month between CATIA V5 and STEP.

My past client converted approx. 30 files per month between CATIA V5 and STEP.

In the past 5 years, I have only been asked twice about JT conversions.

Good luck with your new endeavor.


New member
Thanks! There is a plan to convert from CATIAV5 to JT. JT again...., ye we should consider.