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Cotation precision




How can I configue cotation to have this:

For 50mm, I want to see 50 (and not 50,0)
For 50,5mm, I want to see 50,5 (and not 51)

Of course, I can change precision of cotation on the option of the document or change this for each cotation but I would like to have a "standart" format (like in excell)


PS: sorry for my poor English, I speak french and my English still need to be emproved

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Standard format

You should be able to create a standard format for your parts, assemblies, and dimensioned drawings with you own requirements. You do this by opening a new file for each type (part, assembly, and drawing) and making your changes to format; dimensions, lines, or whatever; then saving the format as a new template. After that, when you open a new file, the dimensions and other personalized changes, will be in the new template.
not enought

Thanks for this reply. But know how to make a template. The problem is that I can't chose a dimension format that write 38 for 38,00mm; 38.5 for 38.50mm... etc and not 38.00 for 38.00mm:(
Dims Options

You can set the trailing and leading zeros in the document, dims setings to get the result you are looking for.

Go to - Tools/Options/Document Properties/Detailing
Ansi Standadard

When you choose the ANSI standard the dimensions are placed just as you said...

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