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Creating a Menu/ToolBar on CATIA Screen [CAA]



I'm In CATIA Customization. Now i developed one customized tool for CATIA V5. but i don't know , how to create a link in CATIA Screen.
Can any one give a solution to create my own menu or toolbar on CATIA screen.
If you are talking about CAAV5 / C++ API, then refer to « 3D PLM
Architecture / User Interface » in the C++ API documentation.You will
find many use cases on that (large) subject.

What you probably want to know is how to run your own script macro
from a command in a toolbar.

You can do 90% of the job in the "Tools / Customize" Menu where you can
- Create new workbenches (in the « User Workbenches » Tab)
- Insert or create a toolbar in a workbench (in the « Toolbars » Tab)
- Insert a command in a toolbar (in the « Command » Tab)

You will easily find out how to manage the first 2 steps.
Now, to insert YOUR macro, go into the « Command » Tab, where you have
to choose the « Macro » category. The list of your available macros
should appear.
Select the one and drag and drop it in the Toolbar of your choice.

Note that a macro command has no Icon.
To choose an Icon, click on the « Show Properties » Button, then on
the « ... » Button to access the Icon Browser (where you will select
the icon of your choice)
If you want to use your self created Icon:
- You must create 2 Icons.
- A small one : a 16 x 16 bmp file
- A normal one : 24 x 24 bmp file
- Both of them must have the same filename !!!
- The filename must start with « I_ » i.e. I_MyIcon.bmp
- If the filename starts with « I_1 », then your icon will be at the top of the list in the Icon Browser (and that's cool).
- You have to store the small one in :
« \Program Files\Dassault
Systemes\B14\intel_a\resources\graphic\icons\small »
- And the « Normal » one in:
« \Program Files\Dassault
Systemes\B14\intel_a\resources\graphic\icons\normal »

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