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Creating circular constraint?


New member
I have a roller I need to constrain to a circular track. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? I am novice for Inventor and it would great if some could explain elaborately.
Thanks in advance.
Without knowing what the track or the roller look like it is hard to say. Cneterline mate to the face of the track (offset the radius of the roller) or tangent between the surfaces is the best I can tell you without seeing it.
I would suggest a transitional constrain if you want the roller to be able to slide along the circular track. Se attched PDF printed from the Inventor help file.:D


  • Transitional constrain.pdf
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You could use either Tangent constraint or Transition constraint. Tangent: Pick the roller outer face (the one contacts the track) as first selection and pick the innert face on the track (the one contacts the roller) as second selection. Transition: the same as above.
Hope this helps a bit.

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