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Delete Parts in Assembly by mouse


New member

In Assembly Design, I remember, I can select some parts from the modeling space by mouse and then delete them using right click and 'delete' or delete key from keyboard. But, now I can only delete parts by right clicking the part from tree structure and delete from there.

I think the problem is selecting the part from the model space by mouse only selects the features under the part object, not the part node in the tree.

I would be very pleased if someone can help.

Kind regards
I'm working with R15 and I'm getting the same behavior as you. I think you are correct that it's picking up the face or feature instead of the part node.

Personally, I find that selecting parts and features from the tree seems to work better than selecting in the graphics area.

But I have something you can try: Other Selections
1. right-click on the part geometry
2. choose the Other Selections option to display a little panel
3. right-click the part to be deleted (it's probably the 2nd item in the list, unless you have several levels of sub-assemblies)
4. now you can choose the Delete option

This is a couple more clicks, but everything can be done with the mouse and you don't have to search through the tree to find the part.
I have found the solution. The user selection filter tool bar is the answer. The first button titled product selection enables selecting parts from the workspace. Toggle it on and voila!

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