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Desperate.. This Cant be this difficult.. Been struggling with this for over a week


HELP!! Seems soo Simple..

Have a simple part that I am trying to do a few things to. http://www.3dcadforums.com/images/smilies/confused.png

The rectangular block is ie.. and becomes variable length.. but for reference..

2.75 x 1.375 thick by 40 long lengths will vary

I am trying to put slanted slots ( extruded cuts ) in a linear pattern along the length
dims of the slots are 0.625 from right edge of arc to top of block 0.125 to left edge length of slot 2.53 - 0.395 wide..

Linear pattern will be variable and span depending on the length of the board (block )

I need to maintain the same 0.0625 distance at the bottom edge in the pattern .. problem I am having is that the linear pattern winds up going past the edge of the block .. when I increase the instances.. don't have a clue more how .. to force the pattern to stop short of the edge of the original surface..

oh please can any one help.. screen shot attached.. Side-Stile-Left-1-Section.JPG

Bald headed Woman.. From Solidwords Pattern Frustration. haha