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Dimension settings??? Please help


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How do i pre set the setting for dimesioning in catia v5 r16 unix. i am using a work book but the method it tells me to use is greyed out.

The book says to use the dimension setting tool bar before i start the dimensioning comand and this will set the style for all dimension in advance, but the hole bar is greyed out unless i am working with a dimension.

Is there a way to set one dimension and copy the settings to the rest or do i just have to manually change each dimension?

Any help would be greeatly appreciated.
Is your book at R16 also?

Normally, I choose a drafting standard (such as ANSI) when I start a new drawing. This standard points to a xml file which defines the default CATIA settings. From your description, it sounds like your book is teaching you the way CATIA used to do it with something called "styles" - these have been replaced.

Try making a new drawing and choose different standards (ANSI, ASME, ISO, etc.) to see which one you like best. You can also change the standard by using FILE + PAGE SETUP

Yes, you can copy the properties from a good dimension to the rest. First select the dimension (or many dimensions) you want to change, click on the Painter icon (looks like a paintbrush in the Graphic Properties toolbar at the top), and then select the good dimension to copy from.
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Thank you,

Yes my book is also r16. i got a call back from our it guy and he said that it was becouse my generic licence was set up wrang and that it was pulling in a Chrysler environment.

but knowing how to copy settings from one dim to a nother is very useful thank you.

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