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Filling an extruded hole in Sheetmetal


New member
I have a sheetmetal part that has a punched out logo. The part will be used in both a left side and right side configuration, mirror images of each other, except for the logo. Currently, the design on the left side part is complete. But when I mirror the part for the right side, the punched logo appears backwards. I've tried extruding the material back through on the mirrored version to fill the punched out logo, but it does not seem to work.

How can I mirror the part with the exception of the logo while still maintaining dependency between the left and right side so that when the left is updated, the right updates as well. Any suggestions?

The right procedure would be...
  1. Create the LHS part.
  2. Create the RHS part by mirroring...
  3. create a punch form for the TEXT.
  4. Apply the punch form for both RHS and LHS part
Thanks for the response. But once I create the punch on the LHS, won't the punch update as a mirrored version (backwards text) on the RHS mirrored part?
Should not.... since a punch is a UDF and will appear after the mirror feature. Try it out. My proe is not open at this moment.

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