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New member

I would like to create formule, which would change hole dimeter in part2 if hole dimeter in part 1 had been changed. Could anyone help me?

best regards



Super Moderator
Publish the Parameter in Part1. Copy the Published Parameter from Part1 and Paste it with Link to Part2. Write the Formula in Part2 based on the copied Parameter.


New member
Make sure that in Tools, Options, PartInfrastructure, Display that External Referenes + Relations + Parameters are active. Maybe in your case not all three are necessary but it's not a bad idea having them all switched on.


Super Moderator

I just tried the Formula Editor, and I had similar problems. (I'm using R15): :confused:

  • the External Parameter did show in the list (I choose "Length" member type to get a shorter list),
  • but unable to select External Parameter from the list to use in a formula

I was able to use the External Reference in a formula by selecting the it from the Spec Tree, instead of from the Formula Editor panel. :)

I think you found another software bug.

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