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Frame and a Title Block


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It's me again :). I don't have any pattern when I want to create a Title Block (R17). What's wrong?

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Sorry, but I don't understand your question :confused:

Are you asking about cross-hatch patterns in Area Fills?
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When I press Frame Creation, a Insert Frame and Title block window appears, where in Style of Titleblock I don't have any patterns.

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Amnon, thanks for responding back with more information!

You should get a panel (see attachment) that provides several Title Block "styles" to choose from. I believe CATIA provides two sample frames with the software, so I'm surprised you don't have any options.

Did you (or someone else at your company) try to customize these? Maybe the folder containing these samples got renamed?


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workaround for Frames and Title Blocks

The Insert Frames and Titleblock menu requires that someone (with Admin priveledges) pre-define the company drawing frames using XML scripts.

Here's another way to do it by copying an existing drawing frame from another CATDrawing:

1. first, switch to the Background View
3. click the INSERT BACKGROUND VIEW button to open an Insert panel
4. browse through your files and select a drawing containing a Frame to copy
5. click INSERT, and click OK
6. switch back to Working Views
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