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Generate Points Using Table of Coordinates


New member

Im a new user of Catia.

I would like to generate points from a table of xyz coordinates from a excel spreadsheet or document.

I heard its possible to import a table of points via macros.

Does anyone know how to do this?



Super Moderator
Search the CATIA online documentation for some help with this.

I remember there's an excel spreadsheet that has a macro for importing x,y,z coordinates into CATIA as a bunch of points, with the option to fit curves and/or a surface through the points. You copy your coordinates into the CATIA excel file.
Importing Point Cloud data from an excel spreadsheet

I too am interested in importing point data from a spreadsheet into a model. The help system tells me to click on 'import' and shows an icon with some points enclosed in a boundary. I cannot find this icon on my Catia screen. Do I have to have a particular module installed to make this functionality available?


Super Moderator
[email protected],

Sounds like you are asking about the Digitized Shape Editor that works with clouds of points that have been digitized. That is a different type of import than what zj4041 asked about.

Clouds of points are typically thousands or more points. Excel spreadsheets are typically less than 100 points.

Which type of points are you working with?