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Geometrical sets properties


New member
Hi all,

I have changed the properties of a geometrical set (line and point colors); however, the new properties are not applying to the elements in the geometrical. The colors of the lines and points in the geometrical set are not changing according to the new properties set on this geometrical set. When I create new lines and points, they take the new properties of the geometrical set. I am confused. Does anyone know why this is happening?



Super Moderator
The elements probably already have their own graphic properties which are taking priority over the Set properties.

To remove the element properties, right-click on the Geom Set and use the RESET PROPERTIES with APPLY TO CHILDREN option. Then re-apply the properties to the Geom Set.


Super Moderator
You can get a better understanding of why things appear like they do by using the Graphic Properties Wizard tool.