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Helical sheetmetal or solid feature



I would like to create a sheetmetal part that is basically a flat circular disc that has a sprial kerf cut thru it's thickness and not breaking beyond the outer circular part edge. I would then like to be able to translate the center portion away from the rim & allow the structure in between these two planes to "take on" a helical shape. Another option would be to create the model in this deformed (bent) shape & then unbend all. Any idea on how to approach this in Wildfire 2? I need the unbent shape (flat pattern) for the manufacturing drawing, but the deformed view for the assembly visiualization. I would also be open to creating a single solid model with two family table instances for the flat & deformed states if that is easier.
Attached is an image of something I "hacked" together to get the idea across a little better. I'm afraid my two family table members (bent & unbent) are not truly the same physical part as it is really three somewhat independant solids "glued" together. I would like to rectify this by creating a bent/unbent sheetmetal part, but How? Any input is appreciated.


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