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Help needed in creating composite curve


New member
I don't know how to create a composite curve, a curve made by joining some continuous curves, in ProE Wildfire. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
Creating composite curves in WildFire.


Creating composite curves requires the Freeform Surfacing ISDX package. The instructions to accomplish this task are listed below:

To Combine Curves
Click or Styling > Curve Edit. The Freeform Surfacing dashboard appears. The curve collector is active by default.

Select a curve, right-click its endpoint, and select Combine.

If there is more than one neighbor curve at the endpoint, Pro/ENGINEER prompts you to select which curve to combine with the selected curve.

Click to complete the curve operation.

The two curves are merged into a single curve, which changes shape in order to maintain smoothness.
1. Select "Style Tool" and create your curves:

2. Curve 1 [green] & curve 2[blue]:

3. Edit the curve holding down the SHIFT key & align the endpoints where you want to connect the curves. Right click on the end point & select COMBINE:

4. The curves are now one composite curve:

Hope that helps!
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Select the first curve and then hold down the shift key and select first curve again, then the curve you want to add to it. Then pick Edit -> Copy.

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