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Help with TT


New member
First of all, hello boys & gals! Really an honor to be among you and hope i will learn alot from you gurus (and guru-esses ?!)

anyway, been working with acad 2007 for like 2 weeks now and been stumbling upon this thing that's driving me crazy:

i draw a straight line and i want to draw from the end of it 5 units to the right and 10 up another line. i click TT, hover over the end of the line and go right 5 units. the thing i don't undertsand is - can't i enter 5 (units) from my kbd ? whenever i enter 5 it automatically creates a point on the polyline ...i just want it to set the TT Point 5 units from the end of the first line - not draw the line. next i want to go 10 units up from this tt point and draw the line to there. it'd look like an obtuze angle.

i know it can be done by drawing aid-lines - but i don't want that. i want to understand and use TT P tracking.

hope i'm not a burden right from my first point :)

god bless you all


New member
TT help

Hello dude,

First I really don't know what is TT? ( It is Table Top Machine) But maybe that helps you....
I use to work with Points as reference, just doing that... Put on OTRACK (F11) and OSNAP (F3),select POINT or just type (PO + Enter) than from the edge of your draw you squeeze and type 5 unit. + Enter (on Kbd). Your refence is ready. If you wanna work with angles turn on POLAR (F10) and set that angle you need. So from that point you can do another one or start any line using that as reference. But we have to delete or set as not printable their layer to not appear on paper or piece.

Good luck.


New member
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