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heyy some1 help me :)


New member
i am doing mech engg ..

i dunno ABCD of CAD designing ... i attended a seminar today on CAD and was fascinated ... i wud like to know whether its possible to learn CATIA by myself ...

and i dunno nething abt other CAD softwares ... ya some BASIC AUTOCAD :p

should i start with CATIA .. or should i go for some other software first ??

some1 plsss


Super Moderator
CATIA is a good place to start learning 3D CAD, although it tends to be a little expensive. I think you can pick up the basic Part Design product for under $3,000 US.

A better alternative would be to learn CATIA at a college or university. You can pick up the student version of CATIA (containing most of the popular products) for $300 US (that might be the old price), if your school is registered with Dassault/IBM.

Did you say you're studying Mechanical Engineering; what CAD classes does your school offer?

Along with learning CAD, I'd suggest you start with some basic English classes, and focus on proper spelling and grammar.
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