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How do I make Parts Collide?



I would like to know how I make two parts collide in ProE Wildfire 2.0. I have a situation where I would like to wrap an 'energy chain' (a plastic chain that holds power cables) around a circular tube in my Assembly File. The only way I can do that now is to specify the angle in every link of the chain, which is a pain, and also not quite as accurate. Can anyone help me?
PTC resource available...

From daveyk_belgium,

If you have maintenance, there is a suggested report for creating a chain in the support area on the PTC website. If my memory serves me correctly, this is for a static chain, and not a mechanism chain. The technique uses a curve that defines the route of the chan, and then patterns points along it's length. If I understand your problem, that is what you want to do, but perhaps you were dreaming about how ieasy it couldn be???

Link to PTC chain suggested technique.


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