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How do you make raised surfaces?



Hi, I am currently working on a project and I am stumped as to how to make raised surfaces. I have yet to figure out how to upload photos in this forum so i will try my best to explain my objective.

I am making a circular knob and foot rest I need them to have some sort of a "grip" to make them easier and safer to use. When i say raised surface it's sorta like the ones you see on a cap of a plastic soda bottle. Is there a way to automatically do it in Catia or do i have to manually draw every single elevation?

Hopefully you get my idea, thanks!

I will edit this post as soon as i figure out how to upload pictures from my computer. :)
A picture would help. My guess is you need to make a pad of a single raised area, and then pattern it around the rest of the part.

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