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How to pattern a sketch


New member
Everything is in the tittle, I can't create a pattern directly in a sketch :confused:, I'd like to duplicate a shape to design the profile of a tooth !
I select the shape, I click on pattern (circular), I draw the circle but nothing happens....An idea ?

If you are in 2D draft, pick the element first, then the pattern commands become active.

if you are in 3D part sketching, the pattern commands are used to creating a pattern sketch for later creating 3D feature patterns--it as you have found doens't pattern 2d elements. Patterning 2d elements can be done with the rotate and move command (there is an option within those commands that duplicate element--hence patterns can be created.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much :)

I actually was needful to this guidance, as well; because I was designing a flange with 8 holes around, and I didn't know how to create a circular pattern to repeat the circle in the sketch workbench.

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