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Icons in OPTION menu in my SOLIDWORKS 2014 doesn't appear properly!


New member
Hi, I recently installed my new SOLIDWORKS 2014 in my ALL-IN-ONE LENOVO DESKTOP but I found out that some icons in the OPTION MENU doesn't show up properly esp. when I right-click on to a certain command. I have attached some images with annotations for you look at and examine what going on. I also include the specification my ALL-IN-ONE Lenovo computer to help determine, weither the problem is my computer's graphics card. I honestly been to a certain computer repair shop here in our area supposedly to update my graphics cards because I thought this has something to do with what's happening in my Solidworks Software's issue but they advised me that it's not possible to update it since it's All-in-one Computer, not tower computer. Is there any remedy for my problem? Looking forward to hear your personal advice since simple issue really distract my concentration on learning this amazing 3D software. I appreciate any advices you will share. Thank you so much in advance! :)

Million Thanks,