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Importing points (.pts) to pro e and revolve?


New member
Hey I am fairly new to Pro E and I was wondering if you could help me.

I have a matlab code that generates a few thousands points for me that makes a curve line. I want to import these points to pro e and then revolve it to make a shape.

What I first did was
Insert>Model Datum>Points>Offset Coordinate System

and then I imported the .pts file.

After than, I did
Insert>Model Datum>Points>Curve>Thru Points

And it made the curve for me on the Pro E.

What I do not understand is why can't I just revolve this curve? When I try it, it gives me an error like "Geometric entities cannot be revolved" or something like that

Is the curve I got from making a curve thru points not an actual line? If so, how can I do this so that I can make an actual line and revolve it?

Thank you


New member

Use these points to create a set of datum points. and create a datum curve using these datum points.

In the regular way to create a revolve feature, go to sketch and use edge tool for this datum curve (provided this datum curve is of 2D). This is how datum points can be used to make a revolve feature.