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Keeping Catalog Parts Linked


New member
I've created a Catalog using a part family which generated all my design table configurations as parts in the catalog. When I go to use the part in an assembly it comes up as a new instance, and therefore doesn't associate itself anylonger to the catalog part.

I want to use these parts as standard components, but if something changes I need it to change in all my assemblies. In otherwords, if the catalog part changes, I want it to remain linked and update on the assembly's next open. Creating a new part/instance doesn't work for me.

Does anyone know if there is an setting I can change or am I outta luck?

Thanks in advance,
Z, what you described is exactly how CATIA Assemblies (CATProducts) work, so I don't understand your question. If you do indeed have an instance of the part, then it is just a link to the part, and the assembly should contain the current version of the part when updated. :confused:

Are you making your assembly in a CATProduct with the Assembly workbench? (I'm guessing you might be trying to make the assembly as PartBodies within a CATPart with the Part Design workbench) :confused:

Please clarify. An attachment of the tree would help.
Yes I'm using the assembly workbench, and I'm adding a part from a catalog (not as an existing component). I don't want to have to create a directory for every assembly I have. I want the assembly to link back to the original file that I used to create the catalog. That way if I need to make a change, the change is made across the board.

Basically what I am saying is once I retrieve a part from the catalog, it is no longer associated with the part used to create the catalog. If I have a common part in 15 assemblies, and I try to use a catalog part to create them in my Assembly WB, they will create 15 separate parts when I save. Instead of having one part, I get 15 parts that look alike. When I save the assembly, it saves the catalog part as a new Catpart in the directory that the assembly is in.

If I can't make an update to a catalog part, then I don't know the purpose of having a catalog would be. I might as well create all my parts in separate directories and use 'Insert Existing Component' and becareful not do a save management.

Let me know if you're still confused, cause I am.

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