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Keyboard shortuct for the "Edit Formula" command


New member
Hello everyone,

I am working on a Part Design that requires me to use formulas for most of the measurements in the sketch.

What I do is click with the right button in the measure, put the mouse on the last option (which is something like Radius.1 object or Length.1 object), and the choose Edit Formula.

I would like to add a shortcut to that, so that I don't lose as much time.

I know how to add shortcuts for other commands. For instance, I have set Ctrl+A to open the Formulas menu. For that, I followed this steps:

1. Select Tools/Customize
2. Open the Commands tab
3. Select All Commands from the left panel
4. Select Formula from the right panel
5. Press Show Properties...
6. Write Ctrl+A in the Accelerator box

However, when I do this for the Edit Formula command, I can't edit the Accelerator box. Does anyone know why? How can I change that? Any alternative ideas?

I would very much appreciate it if anyone could help me.



Super Moderator
There is already a shortcut for the Edit Formula command: "="

Instead of right-clicking and choose EDIT FORMULA, just left-click in the box, type =, and Enter. Then select the parameter from the tree (or if in a SKETCH, select a constraint to copy the value).


New member

Thanks for your quick reply. I hadn't realized you could do that.

It works just as you said it, but now I'm wondering if you could add the formula even before. Let me try to explain:

Let's say I want to create a circle. I select the Circle tool, and then select the point to define the circle center. Right after that I am supposed to select a second point to define the radius, but I can set a numerical value to the radius in the Sketch Tools menu. Do you know if there is any way to insert the formula directly in there?

I am trying to do that, as that would save me additional time, but I can't.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Super Moderator
I agree that inserting the formula up front would save some time and avoid some extra steps, but I don't think that can be done with CATIA V5.