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mass properties fluctuating


New member
Hi Folks,

I am a newbie to Solidworks. I have used AutoCAD (2D) for about 25 years & Pro/E for about 11 years. I lost my job back in February & after searching the job postings noticed there were hardly any for Pro/E & decided that maybe Solidworks is the way to go. I took the 2015 Essentials & Drawings course & I have been practicing with student trial versions for the last couple of months with a plan to take the CSWP.

Okay, enough about me. The problem I have encountered is that while practicing with the CSWP sample exam the mass value fluctuates. I create the model as shown online & I get the correct value. When I change the dimensions for question 2 the mass value is incorrect. When I change back to the Q1 dimensions the mass value is incorrect too. If I change the dimensions again to either Q2 or Q3 then back to the Q1 numbers the mass value changes again. So I get the correct value the first time then a different value when I change back then the third time I change back I get a different value from the second time. I have even tried modeling the second question from scratch & come up with the correct mass value but when I change the dimensions for question 3 they are incorrect & the same thing happens when I switch back to the question 2 dimensions. When I say dimensions I am talking about the linked dimensional values for A, B, C, D & E. I have tried changing the values in the same configuration as well as creating a new configuration for each question with the same result.

I can't figure out why it is fluctuating, I mean if the model is either correct or not it would be value A or B but not A then B then C.

Has anybody else come across this?

This is the link to the sample exam I am using. http://files.solidworks.com/pdf/CSWP-CORE_Sample_Exam.pdf

Thanks for any help.