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Minimum and maximum sizes for catia parts and assembly

Marcelo Viana

New member
For God's sake, i look everywhere i can, and didn't found a thing that for me is a simple question, and should be easy to find.
The online manual is annoying.
Please, i'm solidworks user trying to figure out if a move to catia worth it, but is also hard to consider a software that you can´t find information about it.
Other softwares i just easy found:

Solidworks : a 1000m box
Inventor : from 1 micron to a 100m box
even a Revit has a 20 miles box
catia: ?????????????????????

Thanks in advance to anyone that have this knowledge, and don't mind to share.
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Marcelo Viana

New member
No one catia user mind to draw a line and put the higher length possible, come here and post the number achieved, to help this poor guy?
What a communit hum?

Marcelo Viana

New member
Wow, that's 1,000,000km, didn't know that could be that much. Also it let all other softwares behind, the maximum i found was solidworks 1km(revit with 30km, but it's more architectural than anything else). Now i know that catia can handle all my needs. thank you sal8251, i was looking for this info quite a lot. also is nice to know that always have someone to care about others needs, thank you again.