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Modeling Loft Problem


New member
Guys i am so frustrated :( trying to figure out how to model this part. As you can see in the attachments i have a lower 2d triangular part. And above it in 3d space the middle edge is drawn. I want to loft the two sketches but it wont let me because of open and closed loop sketches. Any ideas ?

Approach 2 : I also extruded the 2d surface few mm and than did fillets on the edges but it gave me a round surface; however, as shown in picture i attached i need a sharp surface.

I attached my SW effort and a pic of what i want.



New member
Hey... I know, the post is outdated, here´s the solution:

Add 2 Planes and sketch the profile (see image, Sketches 4 and 5), add 2 3D-Sketches (including just a single point) at the beginning and the end of the part.

Then create a lofted surface (if you have closed profiles you could also create a lofted base) using the points of the two 3D-ketches and the 2 sketched profiles and the 3D-Sketch as a guide curve.