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modeling textures



I need to add a 3d texture to a model's non-planar face, much like the dimples on a golfball. Is this possible in SW2006 sp4.1?

well its simple

just select the face and click on texture tool

select the texture u want to apply and finish


Deepak Gupta
Sorry, but I need a three dimensional texture on the face, not two dimensional. It has to be 3D because this part will be used as a mold and the dimples must me recognized by our CAM/CNC software.

well its again simple

make a ball of the required radius

now sketch 3d points on the surface/face using 3d sketch and check if u can constrain them fully.

check if u can use sketch pattern.

if not then draw a 3d curve passing thru all the point and use curve driven pattern

wish that cud help u out


Deepak Gupta
I have tried a sketch driven pattern from 3D points, but the feature still patterns on a plane. A curve driven pattern will work on my non-planar face, though. Thanks for the idea! I need several thousand dimples in my texture so I'll keep looking for a method that requires less clicking and less crashing :(
modeling texture

i feel thr can b one more way.

u can create libraray feature for the dimples.

then just drag and drop them.

i don't know if it wud work.

but if u wish u can give a try.


Deepak Gupta
shot peen, perhaps

I tried the library part feature and found that I can only insert the dimple feature on a planar face. I then tried creating a library part that I can insert and then cut from my main body. I would like to drop the origin of my library part, a sphere, onto a sketch point but imported bodies don't bring all of their properties with them so I can only relate its face to a sketch point. What I'll probably end up doing for this mold is get it shop peened, etched, or machine each dimple by hand with a die grinder. I would prefer a random pattern anyway.

thanks for your input


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