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Noob Inventor Studio Questions




I'm totally new to Inventor but need to use it to create a video of our company's product for marketing purposes.

Please excuse to "noobness" of the question but, how do you get the model into Inventor Studio? I have Inventor 10 and the instructions just call for you do open the assembly and just select Studio from the Applications tab, but I only see "part". So I'm assuming the model I have is just a part? So do I need to make it somehow an assembly to animate it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers!
I don't have 10, but I assume 11 is the same. Its under the applications tab on top where you see File, Edit, Tools, etc. Do you have professional or regular inventor? Studio might just be part of professional if you don't see it.
The only dumb question is the one not asked!

Hi Dru,

Just open your assembly as usual. Click on the "Applications" tab and choose Inventor Studio. The inventor Panel and Browser to the left should change to Inventor studio. (See attached JPGs) Inventor Studio is a part of Inventor Series and Professional release 10 or newer. The only cons in Inventor Studio release 10 is if you have labled any part the lable will not show (i never got it to work anyway), this is fixed in release 11.


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