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Pipe Cutting


New member
Herewith i enclosed a Pipe part
Proe file - finished stage,
Catia file - finished in surface, to be tried by solid modeling
IGES - - finished stage,

I made this model by using surface. Is it possible to do this by only using solid modeling. Please suggest.

The attached solid model is used a command `Project' whcih can be taken in surface mode only. If there is any possibilities to model this using full solid license.

thanks in advance


Note :
1) enclosed in winzip file,
2) Winzip file is not password locked,
3) Please understand that iam not asking anybody to do work, just it is to explore and manifest your skills and it will enhance all other (our) Skills. Also note that this is voluntary, not compulsary



Super Moderator
I'm not sure what you're tying to accomplish here

Working in the Part Design workbench only, you could take your Shaft and remove a Pocket based on Sketch.2. That would give you the same opening.
cut pipe.jpg

Why do you want to limit yourself to Part Design only, especially with all the powerful tools available in Generative Shape Design for creating construction geometry?


New member
Dear Mr.MrCatia

Dear Mr.MrCatia

Why I want to restrict me in Solid license alone, GSD alone etc., means in some modeling interview the employers asked that do this only using solid license etc.,