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pipes into lines


I have an issue, I have a pipe, and I need to get the center line by macro, what I imagine to do is to collect all the edges of the pipe and use them as references to create a spine, in the generative shape design, the thing here is that I don't know much about macros, so if anyone can help with this I really appreciate, thank you for your time


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Do you know which CATIA workbench your Pipe was created with?

"Pipes" are normally straight with constant radius bends, so a spline would not be a good feature to define the centerline.

What will you use the centerline for? CATIA has several Piping products/workbenches; there might already be an existing tool to do what you want.
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I received a CAT part, but I guess its done in tubin design.

the pipes that we are working on, are extremely long, meters of distances and several ways, its like a web,

what I need its to analyze the hole pipe, so if I enter just the line and analyze it as a beam with the properties of a pipe, it will be easier and faster.

At this time I am not able to find a tool that creates the center line,

I hope you can help me.

thank you