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Plane Number Parameterization


New member
Although i am quite familiar with the plane creation in general, i am facing a problem on this subject.
Specifically, i want to create a parameter which will determine the number of planes created. Is it possible plane number parameterization? Do you have any idea?
Thank you in advance!!


New member
Im not sure about this but can I ask if what are you want to do with the planes? or you just want to count them?

If so, you can use the search command, Ctrl+F,
then on the workbench boxes, select Part design on right and "plane" on left.

Change the "Look" tab into Everywhere then Press "select" (binos)


New member
The project i am working on has to do with geometry parameterization. That's why i have to define planes and create geometry cross-sections. Thus I thought that plane number parameterization would also be a good idea.
I am not interest in counting them, but defining them. I have to admit, though, that plane number parameterization may not be of such importance for the rest of designing process, because changing plane number cannot affect directly to the geometry.
Thanks for reading and replying!!
Red Gunner


Super Moderator
The Points and Planes Repetition tool might be helpful to create a series of parallel planes, and the number of planes could be defined with a parameter.

However, modifying the number of existing planes might not be possible, due to how the planes are defined. It seems to me that the entire series would have to be removed and rebuilt. This might be a good application for a macro.