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problem in simulation


New member

I have a simple assembly made of two parts .
One part is a positive male part and the other part is the negative female of the first part .
the assembly is when the two parts are put one engaged in the other.

I obtained the negative part by moving the two parts into the position I want, then doing a Cavity feature to have the impression of the positive part in the second part.

After doing the cavity, when I check the interference between the two, there is zero interference, and not even coincidence . (I usually get coincident faces when I apply a cavity one another part,but this didnt happen with these two models .)

Then when I run the simulation(Global contact bonded) , it crashes and says that the model is unstable. (While the model is well fixed).

My question is : why am I not getting coincident faces when I do a cavity of one part into the other?(How can I get them?)
Why is the simulation crashing ?

I've been trying for a month to fix that now , nothing works. If you need the parts , please let me know so I would send them in a message or mail.

Thank you very much for your help.