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Problem with Assembly


Super Moderator
avimech sent the following question as a Private Message:

avimech said:
:(Hey HI I am avinash new here in forum But I try to assemble two parts but after the constrain also it cant attached with each other What is problem with it............. plz give me basic tutorial about assemble making it catiaV5R17 I have take course of this software but due to lake of time I cant get practice it regularly so plz help me


New member
Something like that can happened when you use surfaces and solid face to constrain few parts - if some faces are not perpendicular/parallel together then you can get error message. Check angle between faces what you use to constrain - to avoid this problem you should build inside every part geometrical set with part axis system and construction plains and use it to constrain on assembly level. You can also get few other errors - it's difficult to get what happens without pictures